Today we are bombarded from all directions with information and tips on nutrition and diet. Quite often we are unable to see the whole picture and are confused by the seemingly contradictory advice offered. Ayurveda can help the individual find a way through this maze. It advocates a pure vegetarian diet based on its ancient knowledge. According to Ayurveda, one of the foundations for good health is nutrition in harmony with our constitution, teaching us how important diet is in the treatment of diseases. Longevity, strength, energy, growth, complexion, and luster all depend on a good digestive system and a good diet.

Ayurvedic hints on a ideal diet:

  • It should taste good.
  • It should satisfy.
  • It should fortify the body.
  • It should give both instant & lasting energy.
  • It should be taken in proper quantity.
  • It should boost vitality and memory.
  • It should promote longevity.
Traditional Thali

Few things to remember while taking food:

  • Eat, seated, in a pleasant environment.
  • Eat only after the previous meal has been digested (five to six hours).
  • Do not eat late at night.
  • Eat calmly and chew well.
  • Drink a little hot water or herb tea with the meal.
  • Be happy and cheerful when cooking and eating, your mood affects your digestive system and the energy of the food.
  • Take meals regularly and at the same time daily. Avoid snacks between meals.
  • Eat only the stomach half full with food, a quarter with water & leave a quarter empty for the expansion of gases.
  • Avoid fruit and fruit juice with your meal.
  • Avoid cold or iced drinks at all times.
  • Use food as medicine. You are what you eat.
  • Give thanks for your food.

Raw fruits and vegetables contents some essential drug to control and fight human ailments most effectively. Through modern conception of this ancient idea have been use to correct many body upsets, acute and chronic. It has been proved that proper nutrition in the natural way is the key to our survival.

It is very right said, 'Germs do cause disease but they appear in the same way as flies on garbage. Where there is garbage, there are flies or germs. So, if the human body is kept free from any garbage or filth or waste products, then it can remain free of disease'. So it is the elimination of accumulated waste products, or garbage inside the body which is of utmost importance. Diseases will automatically disappear if the body is always kept clean or free from any garbage or waste products. Raw fruit juices can be the best or right way to remove such bodily filth or waste materials most effectively in a natural way without any after-effects.

Extra Cooked Food is Dangerous

Many researches concluded that the sickness in the human body is Toxicity. Toxicity is the root cause of all diseases. The whole body is required to be detoxified in order to keep away all sorts of diseases. So detoxification is the synonym for good health.

Imbalance in the body chemistry and cell metabolism causes all sorts of degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes and heart attack. This imbalance is caused by constant consumption of irrational (cooked) foods.

The main reason is that cooking destroys the natural vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is a labile substance which is easily destroyed by heat and chemicals. In raw fruits and vegetables, you will get all vitamins intact. One special benefit is that it heals a particular disease from its root.

Fruits & Vegetable are gateway to Good Health

In case of acute dysentery, if you take a glass of musumbi juice and a few cloves of fried garlic in the morning for 4/5 days, you will get adequate relief from it. In case of fevers, if you take a glass of orange juice and a few cloves of fried garlic, you will surely get instant relief. In old age, you can't keep your health fit by drugs. But if you take a few cloves of fried garlic and a glass of musumbi or lemon juice daily, you will be able to keep yourself fit and active. If your health remains fit, active and healthy, you can work more, earn more, enjoy more, live in this beautiful world for longer periods.

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