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About Us
      Social Welfare & Cultural Awareness
Client's Views
    Comments from our clients.

Holistic Care

      Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India.
Dhyan Sadhana
      Vedic meditation techniques for developing strong memory.
Healing Music
      Information on the music that heals.
Health Topics
      Health care by natural ways.
Hypno Therapy
      Hypno Therapy a useful tool to develop memory.
     A complete medicinal exercise.
      Samvedna (Acupressure) an ancient healing art.


Vedic Life

Vedic Vision
      The way of life and values for meaningful living.
Four Vedas
      Information on Vedas.
Vedic Philosophy
      Vedic Preaching, Culture, Customs and Traditions.
Self Development
     Massages from Scholars for the lifestyle.

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