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Dhyan Yoga

Dhyan Mudra Meditation also known as Dhyan Yoga is a vigorous tonic to the body systems. Modern science has acknowledged the relationship between the mind’s power and the body systems. From centuries Yogic Scholars has demonstrated mental control over involuntary body actions as heart beats, respiration and blood circulation. To learn the science of self-control, meditation is helpful. It greatly reduces stress levels and acts as powerful tool to relax nervous system and the body as whole. Fixing the mind in self, helps in enlightenment of God presence in self. There are seven steps of enlightenment (chakras). Read more...

Lifestyle Improvement

by Amit Prakash

Amit Prakash The true meaning of life may be achieved by practicing the pure lifestyle. These are the some important suggestions that can improve one's lifestyle:

Meditation, Dietetic Discipline, Svadhyaya, Energy Cultivation & Ethical Culture.

The above mention suggestions help in many ways.

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